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About Us

Physical & Online

Two modes of lessons are available; physical lesson or online lesson. Equally effective and engaging for students

Lesson & Practice

It is important for students to be equipped with strong foundation and fundamentals along with ample of practice to score better

Small Class Size

To maximize effective teaching and learning our class size is

max at 6 students per lesson

KII Method

Our teaching method is simple yet effective while encouraging open communication between students, parents, and teachers

KII Method

KII Method.png
KII Chemistry Lesson


Our teachers are passionate educators, who understand that every student is unique and may face different learning challenges.


Other than teaching, they are also counsellors, friends, and mentors to uncover students' strengths while improving their area(s) of weakness.


Our curriculums are designed based on MOE syllabus with the aim to provide strong foundation and fundamental ahead of their learning curve.


Students are also exposed to challenging questions to better prepare them for their examinations. 

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