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KII Maths & Science Education Centre

213 Bedok North Street 1 #01-101
(2nd Storey) Singapore 460213

KII Maths & Science
Education Centre
@ Bedok Central

213 Bedok North Street 1 
#01-101 (2nd Storey) 
Singapore 460213

Next to POSB Bank Bedok Central


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KII Maths & Science Education Centre aims to provide top quality on-site and online tuition to  students. 

We strive to replicate our success experience to all our students to help them achieve better results.

We believe in good communication between parents, student, tutors and the management to ultimately helps students with their academic results and prepare them for their future...


Physical & Online lessons

3 - 6

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • English


1 - 4

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Pure Biology

  • Pure Chemistry

  • Pure Physics

  • English


  • H2 Mathematics

  • H2 Biology

  • H2 Chemistry

  • H2 Physics


We are open
for discussion,
let us know your needs

    Mathematics           Biology              Chemistry          Physics 

Huang Li Yang James.png

KII Students' Mentorship Programme

We are proud to be launching

KII Students' Mentorship Programme

As educators, parents, and adults we all understand that some students communicate better with their peers. Or that parents have questions they would like to ask top students for better knowledge and understanding.

This platform enables parents and students to freely ask and consult our student mentor on educational related questions. 

Student Mentor: James Huang

NUS High School of

Mathematics and Science - Year 4

Champion: National Science Challenge

Faded Shapes


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