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Frequent asked questions

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Q: What is Your Teaching Method?


First, we will evaluate your child's current level of knowledge and understanding of the various subject and topics that will be taught.


After obtaining a better understanding, we will prepare a teaching plan to:

  • improve on student's weakness by providing detailed explanation on the subject.

  • further enhanced student's knowledge on the subject by providing extra notes, homework, and papers for student to practice.

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Q: Do You Teach Using Your Own Syllabus?


Yes, our syllabuses and teaching materials are designed in accordance with MOE guidelines.  

These materials are designed and developed by Ms. Reginah Nabweteme (PhD) who is our Head of Education. She obtained a Master's Degree and PhD in South Korea, majoring Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.


However, should you submit the syllabus of your child's school syllabus, we will try our utmost to accommodate your study plan for a more personalized experience.

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Q: Are Your Teachers Qualified to Teach My Child?


Yes, at KII we ensure all our tutors are qualified to conduct online lessons for our students.  


All our tutors are top-scorers and most of them have achieved straight A* / A1 result in their A-Level Examination awarded by Pearson Edexcel organization in United Kingdom (UK). 

These O-Level and A-Level examinations are certified and accepted worldwide due to their similarity in syllabus and course contents. We strongly trust in their credibility and can thus ensure the tutors are qualified.


Q: Are Your Teachers Familiar with Singapore's School Syllabuses, Subjects, and Topics?


Yes, our Head of Education Ms. Reginah Nabweteme (PhD) has extensive knowledge in Singapore education systems and closely studied the MOE syllabus. In order to ensure the quality of the students' learning experience, all our tutors are under close supervision and receive direct guidance from Ms. Reginah.

As A-Level top scorers themselves, our tutors know how to effectively and efficiently tackle each subject and help your child to score better in exams.


Q: What Are Your Credentials?


KII in Seoul, South Korea has helped students obtained straight A* / A1 results in their A-Level Examination and also helped them enrolled into many prestigious universities, such as Imperial College London, University of British Columbia, University of Hong Kong, and many more.

Example, include our tutor Ms. Kim Yuhyeon who enrolled into University College London majoring Economics and Ms. Jeong Yeongmin enrolled into Hong Kong University of Science & Technology majoring in Engineering with a full scholarship. These are just some of the many examples that showcase our prowess.

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Will Online Tuition be Effective for My Child?


Yes. We are experienced in conducting online classes and have developed our own system to ensure the effectiveness of our lessons. As each child is different, we will use our experience and expertise to ensure every student received the best possibile learning experience from us.


How Big Are Your Classes?


Our classes are between 1 - 8 students per class. We aim to keep our class small to ensure that we are always able to attend to all of our students.

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Do You Accept O-Level / A-Level Students Outside Singapore?


Yes, we do. Our syllabuses, contents, and system are suitable for all O-Level / A-Level students. Once again, if you have study plans from your school, you may send them to us and we will try our utmost to accommodate your study plan for a more personalized experience.

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